Burst Pipes

Shocked by your latest water bill? Noticed water damage or mould?

The best way to determine if you’ve got a leak is to ensure no water is being consumed. You can do this by by turning off all taps, fixtures and appliances that require water supply at your property. Now you can walk out to your water meter and check to see if it’s passing water by seeing of the dial is spinning. If it’s still spinning with everything turned off you’ve got a leak! Once you know that you’ve got a leak the tricky part is locating it. If you haven’t noticed any leaking taps or toilets then the best place to start is by check for areas of dampness inside and outside your home. It’s best for your to turn the water supply off at your water meter and call us today!

If you’ve got a burst pipe you don’t have time on your side. Water can cause extensive damage to your property and waste a lot a water. When you call us your burst pipes becomes our priority. Our vehicles are equipped with all tools and materials to repair all different types of pipes in the market, and trust us, there’s many types!

We are experts at locating burst pipes and leaks at your property. Using sonic leak detection equipment we are capable of pinpointing the location of the leak and then proceed with repairing it.

Our qualified technicians have extensive experience in repairing and replacing all types of pipes including but not limited to;

  • Copper pipes
  • Clay pipes
  • Cast iron pipes
  • Galvanised pipes
  • Earthenware (clay pipes
  • All plastic pipes such as:
    • PVC
    • Polyethylene
    • Polybuteylene
    • PEX

If you’ve had a spike in water usage or noticed signs of water damage which could have been caused by faulty plumbing give us a call today!

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