Gas Leaks

Can you smell gas? Noticed a spike in your gas bill?

Gas leaks can be a very dangerous problem. If you can smell gas within your property it's likely that you have a gas leak. It's important for everyone's safety that you approach a qualified gas fitter to undertake a gas leak detection test to determine whether or not a leak is present. Our qualified gas-fitters can quickly determine if a leak is present and begin to locate the leak using an electronic gas monitoring device and provide you with repair so that your property is safe.

What to do if you smell gas

The smell of gas inside a building is not normal, the correct procedure should followed to eliminate the hazards that may arise from a gas leak. Here's what you should do if you smell gas:

  1. Turn off the main gas supply to the building at either the gas meter or the gas bottles
  2. Evacuate the area if you feel it's necessary
  3. Eliminate all ignition sources by extinguishing flames, preventing smoking, striking matches, lights as well as touching any electrical switches
  4. Ventilate the building by opening as many doors and windows as possible
  5. Notify your gas supplier or call a licensed gas-fitter
  6. Stay clear from the gas-affected area

Importance of Hiring a Qualified Gas-fitter

A gas-fitter is a qualified technician licensed to carry out works in connection with the installation, removal, demolition, replacement, alteration, maintenance or repair of a gas installation. Performing gas-fitting work is not something for the DIYer. All gas installations must be certified by a licensed gas-fitter. A build up of gas from a gas leak can cause an explosion and a defective installation can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning. Our qualified gas-fitters recognise this and have expertise in carrying out compliant gas-fitting work to ensure that your property is gas safe.

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