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Gas Leaks

October 9, 2019

Can you smell gas? Noticed a spike in your gas bill? You may have Gas Leaks! Gas leaks can be a very dangerous problem. If you can smell gas within your property it’s likely that you have a gas leak. It’s important for everyone’s safety that you approach a qualified gas fitter to undertake a […]


October 9, 2019

Are you considering installing a dishwasher or replacing your existing one? By having it installed by one of our technicians you can take away the hassle out of your doing it yourself. Also knowing that it was installed by a licensed plumber will maintain your warranty ensure your machine runs to its expectations. Get your […]

Burst Pipes

October 9, 2019

Shocked by your latest water bill? Noticed water damage or mould? The best way to determine if you’ve got a leak is to ensure no water is being consumed. You can do this by by turning off all taps, fixtures and appliances that require water supply at your property. Now you can walk out to […]

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