Gas Bayonet

Whether it's for gas space heater or a BBQ we can provide you with a bayonet installation!

Gas Bayonet Fitting

A gas bayonet fitting is a female wall socket fitting fixed to a wall or floor where a gas hose with a male connection can be attached. The fitting has two lugs which when inserted and twisted lock in and out of position. They are commonly used to provide a gas connection for space heaters and gas BBQ's.

Gas Bayonet | ASAP Plumbing
Gas Bayonet

Benefits of a Bayonet Fitting

The main benefit of a gas bayonet fitting is that the appliance can be disconnected and packed away when not in use - saving you space within your home.

Although bayonets are mostly used for connecting space heaters to a gas supply they can also be used to connect BBQ's to a natural gas supply meaning you will never have to change over or refill an LPG bottle again. However, most BBQ's are designed to be operated with LPG instead of Natural Gas, but don't worry there are gas conversion kits available!

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