Washing Machine

Are you considering installing a washing machine or replacing your existing one? By having it installed by one of our technicians you can take away the hassle out of your doing it yourself. Also knowing that it was installed by a licensed plumber will maintain your warranty ensure your machine runs to its expectations.

Get your washing machine installed by a license plumber!

ASAP Plumbing and Gas can:

  • Disconnect any existing washing machine and *take it away (*charges apply)
  • Install/modify any pipes, taps, drains and associated plumbing for the washing machine
  • Liaise with a licensed electrician to install a power point (if required)
  • Liaise with a cabinet maker to make any modifications to the cabinetry (if required)
  • Supply and install a new washing machine
  • Provide a means of isolation on the water supply to the washing machine

Following the installation we will also put the new washing machine through a quick wash cycle to ensure that there are no leaks on the new installation and even have a look at any other plumbing in the laundry while we're there.


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