Hot Water Systems Shelley

We can fix or replace almost all types of hot water units!
To ensure your shower doesn’t stay cold for long!

Hot Water Systems Shelley


Replace or Repair

All of us rely on hot water Systems in Shelley and lots of us take it for granted. It's used for cooking, washing, cleaning and showering. It's a daily necessity and when it's not working it's a disaster.

Whether it needs to be repaired or replaced, ASAP Plumbing and Gas can help.

Whether it's an individual part needs replacing or the whole unit is beyond repair, our qualified technicians can inspect your hot water systems Shelley. We provide you with an honest explanation of what the problem is meaning that you can make an informed decision.


Installing & Maintaining:

Storage Hot Water Systems

These systems heat water in a tank using either gas or electricity. They are capable of providing hot water at mains pressure so you can be sure of a strong, steady flow of hot water at multiple fixtures There are large variety of models available offering a range of capacities for all budgets, and there are also quick recovery models available for when there is a larger demand for hot water.

Why Storage?

  • Capacities to suit any home and budget
  • Up to 5 star energy rating available
  • High recovery models available
  • Mains pressure hot water
Continuous Flow Hot Water Systems
Solar Hot Water Systems
Heat Pumps




Rinnai Infinity or B series Continuous Flow Hot Water

  • 6 star + energy efficiency
  • Unlimited hot water
  • Compact design
  • Precise temperature control

Rheem Stellar Storage Hot Water System

  • 5 Star energy efficiency
  • 200L per hour water recovery
  • Mains pressure for strong, steady flow of hot water
  • 10 year cylinder warranty

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